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Ludwig von Langeschlange was a captain of Heerwaffe who commanded Antié Team in 1935. This special scientific division of German Army studied on rocketry and later during WWII, they built up V1 rockets.

Eine Schange ein Reich,
Zwei Schlangen zwei Reichen,
Keine Schlange kein Reich!''

~ Hitler

Die Welt ist scheisse mein freund!

~ Goethe

Wir haben ein Reich!

~ Nietzsche

Ein großer Mathematiker!

~ Prof. Fiedrich Grünberg

An incredible genius! A secret mind, scientist and artist who guides the modern world...

~ Salvador Dali

St. Antie (real name Ludwig von Langeschlange, b. 1081 Bavaria-Germany) German scientist, occultist and soldier. The founder of so-called organisation of Tesla's Light Brothers and their grand master. With his deep knowlegde about occult philosophy and alchemy he had achieved the secret of immortality and left his duty to his best 4 apprentices known as Tesla's Light Brothers. Then he began to work on rocketry researchs, it's so clear that he is the genius behind the technologic devolopment on German side during WWII.

His Childhood and Younger Ages[düzenle]

St. Antié who was born as genius, after his elder brother’s sudden death when he was so little, had been always compared with him and pushed into a physicological stress by his parents. After loosing his parents 'cause of disease at the tragedic period of plague which had destroyed 2/3 of European population, conduced him to be taken by the primitive German Science Association for his education and his development into medieval sciences.

As a result of his education on alchemy and occult philosophy, he acquired the secret of immortality when he was too young, so he achieved to remain young for long centuries and never faced with death. By the advantage of immortality, he developed his current high-level wisdom by taking his all attention to learning academic educations.

During his younger years, Ludwig joined some archeological researches and antropological excavations in central Asia and had very good relations with Turkish people and their shamans who live around that region, so they showed him respect and liked him very much. In the period of long time taking researching years, Ludwig repaid their affection towards him by personally joining their shamanic rituals and changing his religion to shamanism soon. By the ritual of a wise shaman whose name is still unexpressed, he learned that his shamanic animal is a snake (German: Schlange) which his soul is bounded with.